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By: Jerry Ski | December 02, 2014

As we have entered the month of December, it is crucial to prepare our homes for the upcoming winter. Given the importance and role of the roof during all seasons, it is important to prepare your roof for the extreme changes in temperature as well as precipitation that the winter months bring throughout the state of New Jersey. Below we will outline several approaches the homeowner can take to better prepare their roof for the upcoming winter weather to avoid major and costly damage their home could sustain as a result of negligence.

Winter NJ Roofing Maintenance Tips

  • Gutter Cleaning - A much overlooked aspect of roofing maintenance, gutter cleaning should be performed in the fall and spring. Without adequate flow throughout the gutters due ...

By: Jerry Ski | October 13, 2014

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The central New Jersey area is flooded with roofers. Hamilton, Lawrenceville, Ewing, Trenton, Princeton, as well other areas throughout Mercer County contain dozens of roofing companies. Some companies have built up reputations throughout many years of service while some are just fly by companies that are here one day and gone the next. Many of our clients often ask us "Why are you adamant on a full roof replacement when "reputable roofer" company or "unknown roofer" company gave us a quote to re-roof over our existing shingles and it is considerably less than your quote of a full roof replacement." The quote you received is actually cheaper initially, but down the road, the advice "reputable roofer" company or "unknown roofer" company ...