Residential Roofing

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Our NJ Residential customers are extremely important to our company. Since the birth of our business, we have built strong relationships with many homeowners in the area. Customers that have worked with us in the past know that we are very detail oriented. We focus on quality installations with the use of high quality materials that will last the homeowner much longer than what they were to obtain from our local competitors. This is why so many of our customers have come from recommendations from previously satisfied customers.

Brothers Roofing is a professional New Jersey roofing contractor. We specialize in residential roof replacement as well as roofing repairs. Our employees are properly trained in quality roofing installations. In addition to residential roofing, Brothers Roofing also offers siding and seamless gutter related services.

NJ Roof Replacement and Roofing Repairs - Done the right way!

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Brothers Roofing offers quality roofing replacement and roof repairs to our residential customers. We do not cut corners. Sometimes we may be priced slightly higher than our local competition on a given application and sometimes we may be priced evenly. Each roofing application is treated individually. Our crews are supervised to ensure proper residential roofing installation or roof repairs. Many of our local

competitors rush to complete projects to obtain a desired financial bottom line - something we find unfair and unethical to the customers. After all, if we paid for a product or service, we would want the highest quality we could obtain as well.