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By: Jerry Ski | April 10, 2014

When your roof has reached the end of its useful life, it is time to replace it with a new roof that will protect your home for many years to come. You will surely collect several written estimates from local roofing companies to compare pricing, warranties, availability, as well as other factors. It is crucial for the consumer to be informed of the roof replacement process so that he or she can compare and analyze the written estimates and make sure the roofing companies are all performing the same services.

Vital Roof Replacement Steps

  • Quality Materials - Often, roofing contractors will try to persuade you to use cheaper materials to give you a better price.Though competitors do make substitutes, it is often best to go with a higher quality material for your roof . Damage from using inferior materials can go unnoticed for years but can cause serious structural damage to your home in the long run.
  • Old Roof Removal - Make sure that your roofing contractor will remove everything from your old roof.
  • Damage Inspection and Repairs - Once your old roof is removed, it is crucial that the contractor check the condition of decking and all other elements that may need repair before the new roof is installed. Usually,the cost of replacing plywood will be an additional charge at a standard rate for the contractor, so please make sure this is outlined in your initial estimate. Also, please take notice to the grade and thickness of wood that will be used.
  • Drip Edge - Next, a drip edge must be installed to prevent water from backing up under your newly replaced roof.
  • Ice and Water Barrier - An ice and water shield must be installed in order to prevent moisture buildup in your roof.
  • Flashing - New flashing should also be installed in vital areas to prevent water from leaking into your home. A quality sealant will properly secure your new flashing and further protect from leaks.
  • Ridge Vent - This is necessary for proper ventilation in your attic. Rib caps will protect the ridge vent as they will be installed over it during your roof replacement job.
  • Proper Cleanup - A step that is often overlooked, yet is just as important as the roof replacement itself. When performing a roof replacement, a contractor will remove old materials as well as thousands of roofing nails that held the old roof in place. It is important that the roofer cleans up your yard as to the condition it was found in before the job was started . We have often found this step overlooked by many local roofers, as nails on the street or sidewalk are completely unacceptable. Additionally, your neighbors should not have to clean up their yards after your roof is replaced. The roofing company should clean up surrounding areas if there is a gust of wind and roofing materials travel into the adjoining yard.


Roofing knowledge we provide throughout this blog should educate our customers to properly analyze the estimates they receive from roofing contractors when deciding on a roof replacement service. At Brothers Roofing, we take the time to properly perform your roof replacement, as we know this service will protect you and your family for many years to come. We do not take shortcuts to make a few extra bucks or to charge our customers a few bucks less just to get the job. We provide honest roofing services while using quality supplies. Please do not be fooled by local roofers that are willing to beat any price, as more often than not the quality of labor and materials is impacted by such decision making.

Please contact Brothers Roofing at (609)508-3416 for a roof replacement quote.


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