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By: Jerry Ski | February 01, 2014

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The state of New Jersey witnesses extremes during the four seasons. Winter brings frigid temperatures, high winds and large snow fall amounts with passing storms, while summer brings high temperatures for weeks which are often accompanied by strong thunderstorms and even hail. These weather conditions cause your roof to work extremely hard to properly protect your home while taking a beating from the elements. For the roofing system to properly protect the home from the harsh weather conditions in the state of NewJersey, it needs help which is added in the form of underlayments.

Importance of Underlayment Installation during Roof Replacement

The term underlayment is used to describe the protective material that is installed prior to your roofing shingles being installed. The underlayment acts as an added barrier protecting the sheathing as well as the rest of your home from water damage. If the homeowner was to have a sudden leak, the underlayment will be there to slow down the damage created by the water leak.

The most common type of underlayment installed by Brothers Roofing for our residential customers throughout the state of New Jersey is felt paper. Felt paper is competitively priced which allows the roofing contractor to pass on the savings to the customers. It protects the home very well once it is installed during roofing replacement and offers tremendous value in comparison to its cost. The use of felt paper does have a major drawback. If the roof replacement is delayed for whatever reason after the old roofing shingles have been removed, the felt paper cannot be left exposed bare to the elements for a long period of time. Taking that into consideration, the roof replacement should be completed as soon as possible by your local New Jersey roofing contractor to avoid any wrinkling or trapping of moisture by the felt paper as well as to retain all of its protective properties to battle the elements properly as a part of your complete roofing system.

Brothers Roofing takes the time to properly perform a roofing replacement. Your new roof has to protect your family as well as your home for years to come, so please do not be fooled by local roofers that advertise that they can match or beat any pricing from competitors, as surely this will result in shortcuts being taken at a stage of the roofing replacement. Brothers Roofing does not take shortcuts in completing these jobs nor do we offer subpar materials. We provide quality roof replacement with the use of good quality materials. We back our labor with a 10 year warranty on labor for new roof replacements we take on to give you an extra peace of mind that your roof was installed properly. This warranty is coupled with the manufacturer's shingle warranty for a complete peace of mind to you the home owner.

At Brothers Roofing, we offer quality materials to our customers along with quality installs. We also offer a 10 Year Labor Warranty on roof replacements to offer our customers a peace of mind. Please contact Brothers Roofing at (609)508-3416 for any roofing, siding, or gutter services you may require.


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