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By: Jerry Ski | October 07, 2014

The NRCA (National Roofing Contractors Association) recommends for semi annual roofing inspection to be completed. The recommended time frames are in the fall and late spring. Many homeowners do not follow this advice for numerous reasons - carelessness, lack of knowledge of potential risks, or the unwillingness to hire a professional that will perform the proper inspection and tuneup process.

It is crucial to note that safety is paramount. If you do not feel safe navigating your roof or climbing a ladder please do not do so! Please take into consideration that roofers have navigated hundreds if not thousands of roofs and are skilled to safely inspect the your roof as well as your gutters. The costs associated with hiring a roofer for your NJ roofing inspection are miniscule in comparison to medical costs for the homeowner in case of an accident.

Fall Roofing Inspection - What to look for

Whether you hire a roof professional for your fall roofing inspection or are capable of performing the task yourself, here are the key components of roofing maintenance to pay attention to as they are often the culprits of leaks and roofing damage during the winter and spring.

  • Perform a visual gutter check. Are the gutters free of debris? Are they anchored correctly? If your gutters have leaves or other debris, please be sure to carefully remove the debris to avoid potential water overflow. If the gutters have spikes that are loose, please remove them carefully and install new gutter hangers under the shingles. If they hangers are loose, they may need to be removed and resecured so that they are capable of handling the weight of precipitation.
  • Inspect flashing. Flashing is aluminum or metal that is installed to cover gaps near vents and chimneys. They can often come apart from the surface they are covering, thus risking the potential of water leaks and expensive interior damage. If you discover flashing the has been compromised or appears to be at risk for a leak, please contact your roofing contractor to remedy this issue.
  • Asphalt shingles. Most homes in Mercer County, NJ, as well as surrounding central NJ areas have asphalt shingles installed on their roofs. As these shingles age, they lose granules. Such shingles need to be replaced immediately, along with those that are cracking and/or curling in various spots.
  • Inspect trees and their debris. Branches tend to fall and could potential damage roofing shingles as well as other parts of the exterior of the home. Please safely remove all tree branches and debris that are resting on your roof. If large trees appear to need care, please call a tree care company to safely remove large branches that could dislodge and cause injury or damage to the home.

In a nutshell, these areas will not only protect your home during the fall and winter months but will also extend the general lifespan of the roof on your home. Simple maintenance and inspections can often save you thousands on interior and exterior repairs that could have been avoided if a roofing inspection was implemented semi-annually.

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