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By: Jerry Ski | February 20, 2014

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Roofing ventilation is a key component of a properly installed and healthy roof. Without the correct ventilation, the roof's life expectancy is shortened drastically, moisture and heat can build in your attic which can result in mold or milder as well as inflated energy costs, and condensation can build up in your attic causing water damage to the interior of your home. Ventilation needs to be properly addressed during the roof replacement process by your local roofer , who will usually install a ridge vent at the peak of your roof.

Benefits of a Ridge Vent for Your Roof as well as Your Home

  • A ridge vent promotes a cooler and drier attic - reducing the possibility of mold and mildew accumulation or growth, as well as damage to insulation, roof deck, and shingles.
  • Works year round
  • Allows outside air to flow naturally into and out of the attic
  • Does not consume energy
  • Looks great - does not stick out on your roof like a large power fan would
  • Allows fresh air to be evenly distributed throughout your attic space

As you see, there are many benefits to installing a ridge vent on your roof during the next roof replacement project you partake in New Jersey. It is a good looking, energy efficient, and hardworking aspect of your roof that will protect your home from unnecessary damage as well as reduce energy usage.

Please contact Brothers Roofing for all of your New Jersey roofing needs. At Brothers Roofing, we offer quality materials to our customers along with quality installs. We take care of ventilation issues you may have had in the past with fixes such as a ridge vent and soffit combo or a power fan. We also offer a 10 Year Labor Warranty on roof replacements to offer our customers a peace of mind.

Please contact Brothers Roofing at (609)508-3416 for a roof replacement quote.


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