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By: Jerry Ski | September 10, 2014

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Brothers Roofing recently completed another roofing repair and seamless gutter project in Ewing, NJ. The homeowner called and requested numerous repairs to his aging slate roof as well installation of new seamless gutters. Various precautions were taken during the roof repair as the slate roof itself was rather brittle - it was aged and was due for replacement. We must say that given the age of the roof, the slate shingles had retained their colors very well. Before we could tackle the seamless gutters, we found that numerous areas of fascia needed to be replaced as they had been compromised. We replaced the rotten wood with synthetic boards and the proceeded to wrap them with aluminum. Synthetic boards are a fantastic substitute for wood as they will last much longer and are not susceptible to termites and rotting like their wooden counterparts are.

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Importance of Proper Seamless Gutter Installation

Although the gutters on the home did not look too bad, upon closer inspection we noticed that they were not pitched properly, were not installed properly, and were made out of a grade of aluminum that was entirely too thing and light to handle the rain. We properly installed new seamless gutters on the home as well as the garage so that the homeowner does not experience any gutter related issues ever again. During roof repairs or roofing maintenance, your roofing contractor can also analyze the condition of you gutters and point out and issues that you may have. Leaving gutter issues unresolved will impact the fascia and cause damage to the roof after we experience inclement weather.

At Brothers Roofing , we take the time to properly perform your roof replacement as well as your seamless gutter installation as we know this service will protect you and your family for many years to come. We do not take shortcuts to make a few extra bucks or to charge our customers a few bucks less just to get the job. We provide honest roofing services while using quality supplies. Please do not be fooled by local roofers that are willing to beat any price, as more often than not the quality of labor and materials is impacted by such decision making. Please remember - we stress quality and will always points out specifics to educate our clients.

Are you looking for a roofing contractor or seamless gutter contractor in central New Jersey? If so contact Brothers Roofing at (609)508-3416. We look forward to serving all of your roofing and gutter needs.


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