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By: Jerry Ski | January 20, 2014

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As time passes, your roof will require roof repairs. It is uncommon for a roof to serve properly and not require any maintenance or repairs. The harsh elements in states such as New Jersey take a toll on your roof year round - from the harsh winters to the hot summers, your roofing shingles are working overtime to fulfill their job. It is likely that if your roof does need repairs then they will be required toward the end of your roof's lifespan. In this post we will cover several common roof repairs that we perform for homeowners here in the state of New Jersey.

Common Roof Repairs

  • Pipe jack - Pipe jack repairs, otherwise known as vent pipes, are a very common area that fails and causes leaks into the attic as well as the interior of your home. In reality, it is not the actual pipe jack that fails but rather the flashing that is mounted onto it. The rubber seals deteriorate with age, often causing a leak. A damaged gasket is not often visible from the ground - your roofing contractor will examine the extent of the damage and replace the pipe jack flashing.
  • Chimney flashing - Chimney flashing is another common roof repair we perform. These are also rather tricky to spot, as you may have a leak from your chimney yet the chimney flashing may appear perfectly intact. It is common for the flashing to peel away from the chimney, exposing an easy entry way for the elements to cause damage to your home.
  • Storm damage - Although rarer than the previous two examples of roof repairs, storm damage can happen suddenly and without warning. As your roof ages, its loses some of its protective properties that it had when it was new - thus making it more prone to failure during severe weather. Brittle shingles are often ripped out by high wind gusts, exposing your roof to the elements. Shingles can be installed as replacement to those that have been ripped out. Your roofing contractor will analyze the extent of the damage and inspect the remaining shingles for any damage that may not be visible.

Do you need any of our roofing repair services?

If you notice any of the described signs, call a qualified roofing contractor right away. Taking on a roof repair yourself can seem like an easy way to save money, yet the homeowner can easily miss a vital repair that the professional will not. Also, a roofer can navigate your roof in a much safer manner than the homeowner can. Please do not put yourself at risk, as walking on a steep roof is not something that the average individual is trained to perform.

At Brothers Roofing , we offer quality materials to our customers along with quality installs. We also offer a 10 Year Labor Warranty on roof replacements to offer our customers a peace of mind. Please contact Brothers Roofing at (609)508-3416 for any roofing, siding, or gutter services you may require.


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