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By: Jerry Ski | October 28, 2014

Vent pipes are installed throughout your home to allow gasses and heat to escape through your roof. Like other exterior portions of your home, the vent pipes – specifically the boots and collars placed on the vent pipes, are exposed to extreme temperature and weather changes. Over the years, as the life expectancy of the boot or collar declines and the unit itself wears out, the homeowner is bound to experience leaks into the attic and even into the interior of the home if enough water has pooled inside of your attic. It is best to have your roof inspected in the early fall, as late fall, winter, and spring often bring heavy amounts of precipitation in our central NJ region.

Facts About Vent Pipe Repairs from a NJ Roofer

If you need to repair or replace vent pipes or vent pipe related components, please keep these facts in mind.

  • Rubber seals and flanges often tend to work better in comparison to metal counterparts when used around a vent pipe. Rubber is much more flexible than metal thus allowing to stabilize the pipe opening quite well. Due to the elements, the seal or flange portion of the boot/collar is the most common culprit of leaks.
  • When analyzing the seal and flange portion of the boot and collar, please pay particular attention to the sealant around the vent pipe itself. The adhesive will crack overtime due to extreme temperature changes, allowing water to slowly creep into your attic down the vent pipe itself. Sometimes all it takes is a very minor hole in the sealant for the homeowner to experience pooling water in the attic.
  • Items claiming that you will never have to pay for another vent pipe associated repair have recently popped up. The most common one is a unit called Perma-Boot that is often stocked in Home Depot in the Roofing department. Although in theory this is a wonderful item and a great alternative to the classic rubber boot, it is too new of an item to tell whether it will belong lasting or not. Several trouble areas come to mind when discussing these new units, although it is difficult to discuss based on its relative age in the marketplace.
  • When deciding on replacing the vent pipe, make sure to properly prepare your working area on the roof. Carefully pry loose and shingles as this will be required to properly replace the vent pipe flashing.If your roof is older, some shingles may be brittle enough that they will break with little force. Please be sure to pick up some extras ahead of time in a matching color. Even if you do not use the extra roofing shingles, they are always returnable with a receipt, and it will save you time on the project in case you do need extra shingles.
  • Roofing safety is the most crucial aspect of any roofing related job. Be sure that the roof is dry to safely navigate. Make sure that your ladders are set up correctly and on firm/level ground. Be sure to have someone available to make an emergency phone call just in case of an accident as well.

Brothers Roofing offers vent pipe repairs throughout central NJ

Please contact Brothers Roofing for all of your New Jersey roofing repair needs. A leaking vent pipe flashing is a common sight and should not be put off as it can cause damage to the rest of your roof as well as the interior of your home. Please remember that an experienced roofer can navigate a roof in a much safer manner than a homeowner thanks in part to years of experience. A small roof repair job is not worth risking an injury or even your life. At Brothers Roofing, we offer quality materials to our customers along with quality installs. We also offer a 10 Year Labor Warranty on roof replacements to offer our customers a peace of mind.

Please contact Brothers Roofing at (609)508-3416 for a roof repair or roofing replacement quote.


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