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By: Jerry Ski | January 13, 2014

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Proper attic ventilation is an area that needs to be addressed during roof replacement. Your newly replaced roof is installed to properly protect your home from the daily elements, yet an improperly vented attic will negatively impact your roof's ability to protect your home. Your roof must allow fresh air to enter into your attic from the outside to not only extend the life of your roof but also to combat energy costs as well as to prevent any structural damage that may take place.

Poor Attic Ventilation Will Damage Your Newly Installed Roof

Just as a vehicle needs fresh air to operate, so does your roof - it requires an adequate intake of air as well as a fully functioning exhaust for this air to circulate out. If your roof lacks the proper ventilation, sooner or later you will run into inflated energy costs, damage to the interior of your home, structural damage to the attic area, and even possible mold or mildew signs that can become a serious health hazard. During your roof replacement, we install a naturally functioning ridge vent that will allow for natural air exchange. If need be, we will also install mechanical or solar fans that will help with airflow throughout your attic. Costs of fans are outlined within our written proposals.

With the proper air flow and roofing ventilation, temperatures and moisture levels will be kept at safe levels, thus:

  • Reducing energy costs
  • Protecting your attic from unnecessary structural damage
  • Extending the life of your newly replaced roof
  • Most importantly, greatly reducing the risk for mildew or mold buildup

Please contact Brothers Roofing for all of your New Jersey roofing repair or roofing maintenance needs. We will address all of your roofing ventilation concerns and outline the proper solutions. Ventilation is a key area of a roof replacement and should be properly handled by your roofing contractor.

At Brothers Roofing , we offer quality materials to our customers along with quality installs. We also offer a 10 Year Labor Warranty on roof replacements to offer our customers a peace of mind. Please contact Brothers Roofing at (609)508-3416 for any roofing, siding, or gutter services you may require.


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